Minority = Diversity

June 5, 2010 selaw

Today, at around 6:00pm, I learned how not to play the game of getting an offer from a BigLaw firm.  I had a long day because I was working on multiple assignments and having lunch and coffee, you know the normal workday as a summer associate.  Then around 6:00pm one of the junior associates (probably the fifth associate that day) stopped by my office and asked me why I hadn’t left yet.  Although I was doing work to try to get a better handle on the projects that I had been assigned, I simply told junior that I was finishing up my time entry before I left.  Junior then told me that he had the same issue when he was a summer, at which point he started having flashbacks of his time as a summer.  Then has junior started talking about the big differences between his class my class.  At that point, I decided to tell junior that I was glad that I was a minority.  Of course that comment made no sense and was out-of-place for junior.  But I think he wasn’t too offended by it.  I was trying tot say that I was glad that so many BigLaws were embracing diversity as a priority in the practice of law.

Oh well, maybe next time.

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